Meet The Honda Family


I went to honda of manhattan randomly one day to check prices but this turned into one great journey! I was greeted by Earl McNeil who showed me great customer service. They're very different from other car dealers, I honestly believe the people here are trying to help you rather than use you. I ended up returning a month later to receive a great honda accord. The customer service here is top notch, you wont regret it. I reccomend honda of manhattan to anyone interested in a new or used vehicle!

Darrell Wilson
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Why Choose Honda Manhattan?

Honda Manhattan is a Honda dealership in New York City, and we like to think we’re among the most customer-oriented, no-nonsense, and no-hassle places to find a new Honda or used car in NYC. What makes us so sure about that? It all starts with our unique one-price policy that customers from near and far come to see us for. It’s simple: We offer you the price you’d get after haggling, right upfront. What you see is what you get, and we think it’s competitive with what you’ll find if you shop around.

Our priority at Honda Manhattan is to make sure you have a good experience with us, whether you’re just browsing for the time being or you’re getting ready to make the important purchase that is a new vehicle. Every step of the way we take your concerns seriously and aim to help you in any way possible. For new Honda and used cars in Manhattan, join the ranks of happy customers who have been to see us here at Honda Manhattan.